Khối Giáo Dục (Education Dept)

2015 GX CTTDVN Catechist Training Conference – Slideshows, powerpoint presentation, video resources.

  • Schedule
  • Ca Hat – Songs
  • PowerPoints
  • Video
  • Resources – Links
    • Collection of tools for youth leaders.

2010-2011 Classroom Cleanliness Rules – A list of guidelines for teachers to keep the classroom clean. (updated 12/30/10)

2010-2011 List of Attendees for the Background Check and Child Protection ClassThis is the list of those who went to this class and got credit for it. (updated 12/07/10)

2010-2011 Basic Catechist Training Schedule – The list of dates, topics, and instructor for Basic Catechist lessons. (updated 10/09/2010)

2010-2011  Khoi Giao Duc Class Days ScheduleWhich day we will have class and which days we will be off. (7/11/2010)

2010-2011 Khoi Giao Duc Detailed Schedule – When are events and on what days? (8/13/2010)

2010-2011 KGD Danh Sách Giảng Viên Giáo Lý & TNTT – Contact Info for Catechist teachers as well as TNTT teachers. (8/16/2010)

2010-2011 Nội Qui KGD – Education Dept Rules and Regulations. (8/10/2010)

(8/15/2010) Teachers Meeting Slide Show Presentation